About 3313 Gallery

Life is good but can be better with a 3313 Gallery coffee mug. We offer superior coffee mugs, unbelievable images, free set up, and world class service. A 3313 Gallery coffee mug is a work of art. In fact, our coffee mug art imaging started with our sister company, www.depiterafineart.com. We began creating coffee mugs using art images from de Pitera Fine Art. The response was overwhelming. So we decided to continue our obsession with coffee cup imaging by establishing 3313 Gallery. Trust us. A 3313 Gallery image coffee mug is destined to enrich your life with that first cup of morning coffee.

Other important stuff
All of our 3313 Gallery coffee mugs are designed, printed, and shipped from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our image coffee mugs cost $15.00 and we don’t charge a setup fee or reorder fee. Please contact us if you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions at info@3313gallery.com